Information about Company

     Remed Andrzej Bąkowski is the leader in field of production of reagents for hematological examinations. Main area of company’s activity is production of reagents for medical purposes, service of medical apparatus, manufacture apparatus and laboratory equipment ( hematological stirrers, flame photometers ).
    Company’s biggest achievement is working out and launching a number of reagents for most of the hematological analysers available on domestic market.
    Those reagents are equivalent in terms of quality to products of reputable world companies, and their price is much lower than the one of the foreign products, which, at the current state of our national health service is not without meaning.
    Assortment of the produced reagents is constantly expanded, and their quality improved. It concerns also service activity. We subscribe to the rule, that if we produce reagents for a given analyser, then we also offer service for it. It requires constant training and improvement of staff on company’s activity profile.




Remed Andrzej Bąkowski,  44-100 Gliwice,  ul. Nowy Świat 35 B,  tel./fax +48 32 231 73 14,  e-mail: